Monday Library Craft

Monday is our library day. We take back all of our library books, get some new ones, and do the craft they have every Monday. I keep meaning to take them to Story Time on a day they have it, but you have to pre-register online, now, and I always seem to forget. But we almost always make it there for the craft.

The craft is for little ones, since it’s from 9-11, when most of the big kids are in school, but Jenna, my 6-year-old, still enjoys them. They’re perfect for Simon (3 1/2), and Nora (17 months) has just graduated to working on them, too. There’s another craft time, on Wednesday afternoons, for older, school-aged kids, but I don’t know if they’d let Simon make one, too, and I don’t want him to feel left out. Next year will be rough, because Jen will really be too old for the younger craft, and Simon will still be too young for the older one…

The crafts are simple: usually coloring, with some stickers or a little glueing. Today’s was pretty cute. They handed out large snowman pictures to color, and a bag of mini marshmallows to “lick and stick” to make snowflakes. Nora scribbled a bit, then ate her marshmallows. Simon stuck almost all of his on his picture, and Jenna did about half and half.


I really love this library, and it’s obvious I’m not the only one – it’s always packed for the craft days, and for the story times, too (which is why they had to start requiring registration)! We’re developing a good relationship with the librarians, and I know as homeschoolers, that’s a really great thing to do.