Story of the World

Back in February, during one of our many trips to our local library, I stopped by at the shelves they keep books for sale. Hardcover books and books on CD are $1, and softcover/paperback books are 50 cents. We are trying to significantly pare down our book collection (as we are admitted book hoarders — we have literally thousands, mostly of children’s books), so I don’t often get anything unless it’s *really* good, and this time it happened to be REALLY, REALLY good.

Any homeschooler worth their salt knows about the Story of the World collection from Peace Hill Press. They are great for many age groups, and have accompanying activities and pictures and maps with each chapter. I wound up with the readers (pictured above right, all 4 volumes), the first volume on CD (also in the above right picture), and the student book and activity pages  (in binders — makes it SO handy to make multiple copies for my kids), for a whopping SEVEN DOLLARS. These were in amazing condition, too, so I know anywhere else they’d be selling for at least a hundred bucks, altogether.

I felt a tad guilty (in spite of the librarian assuring me that it was fine, they really were that price, and that she was glad I got such a great deal – they know us well, there), so I gave them an even $10, and they put the extra $3 down as a donation to their children’s department. We just finished Volume One this week. Each day I would make copies of a coloring page from the chapter we were doing, and while I read the chapter, all 3 of my kids (even the little one, I’m sure, got something out of it, if only just by feeling included) would color their pictures (which went right into their portfolios). After I finished reading aloud from each section within the chapter, I’d ask them questions found in the accompanying books. I was always surprised by how much they remembered!


Monday Library Craft

Monday is our library day. We take back all of our library books, get some new ones, and do the craft they have every Monday. I keep meaning to take them to Story Time on a day they have it, but you have to pre-register online, now, and I always seem to forget. But we almost always make it there for the craft.

The craft is for little ones, since it’s from 9-11, when most of the big kids are in school, but Jenna, my 6-year-old, still enjoys them. They’re perfect for Simon (3 1/2), and Nora (17 months) has just graduated to working on them, too. There’s another craft time, on Wednesday afternoons, for older, school-aged kids, but I don’t know if they’d let Simon make one, too, and I don’t want him to feel left out. Next year will be rough, because Jen will really be too old for the younger craft, and Simon will still be too young for the older one…

The crafts are simple: usually coloring, with some stickers or a little glueing. Today’s was pretty cute. They handed out large snowman pictures to color, and a bag of mini marshmallows to “lick and stick” to make snowflakes. Nora scribbled a bit, then ate her marshmallows. Simon stuck almost all of his on his picture, and Jenna did about half and half.


I really love this library, and it’s obvious I’m not the only one – it’s always packed for the craft days, and for the story times, too (which is why they had to start requiring registration)! We’re developing a good relationship with the librarians, and I know as homeschoolers, that’s a really great thing to do.