Young Entrepreneurs

Today was the last day of our co-op. We are so sad it’s over, especially as it might not pick back up, again, this fall. I’ve mentioned before how much we loved it, because it was just the right size, for the right amount of time every week, and covered the right subjects (the “fun” stuff). My oldest cried as we left (an hour later than we usually do, because everyone played at the nearby playground afterward). “I may never see some of them, again!” I know how she feels. When things are so good, it’s almost sad, because you’re afraid there’ll never be something that good, again. But there will be. We’ve just got to find it.

This last day was a really special one, because the three older groups (a co-ed 5-7-year old group, over which I and three other moms were, and then a girls 8-12-year old group, and a boys 8-12-year old group) got to have a little young entrepreneurs activity. They made various things at home, and then sold them to their peers during the co-op time. Each child got $30 in play money, and set the prices for their wares. It was wonderful, because no one really had a shortage of money, and as happy as they were to buy from each other, they were also so excited to sell. Even the kids in the 2-4-year-old group (of which my son is a part) got to come buy some things. It was just plain fun. I think if one really wanted to, one could devote an entire semester to teaching all about business: starting one, all the terminology and financials.


That’s a picture of the kids setting up. They sold so many things, from cookies and “decorate your own” mini cupcakes, to lemonade, to handmade yarn pompoms, to magnets, to jewelry, to “portraits drawn while you wait” (which I found utterly adorable).

By the end, everyone had sold out of everything, which made them all so happy and proud.


I’d almost forgotten: I was supposed to teach, that day, and wanted to do something extra, so it was suggested that I provide bags for the kids to decorate, if they so chose. There’s Jenna making one (and my youngest, in the background).

I wish I’d taken more pictures, but it was all just so much fun, I wound up forgetting just a few minutes after it started.


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