A Letter From McDonald’s

Some months ago (I wish I could remember exactly when, and/or had taken a picture of it) Jenna decided, after yet another disappointing trip to McDonald’s, that she needed to write a letter. I looked up their corporate address (because while I’ve complained to our local franchise in the past, and they have taken great pains to correct the issues, I don’t think they regularly receive actual letters), and a letter was written; something to the effect of, “I really like going to your restaurant, and I love the PlayPlace, but you need to stop messing up my order.”

We’d forgotten all about until last week, when she finally received a response:


The coupon is for a free “sweet treat:” either a sundae, or a pie. If she’d complained to the local franchise, she probably would have received more, but then again, maybe not. It wasn’t so much about what she received, as it was about the process of writing a letter (we went over how to format a business letter and what makes it different from a personal letter), and the fact that she received a response, at all. Letter writing is a dying art we intend to keep alive, though communication with businesses, keeping in touch with family, and connecting with pen pals.

Here’s a picture of my sweet girl, opening her letter.



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