Lapbook Friday – Butterflies

As usual, my 5-year-old daughter picked this week’s topic for Lapbook Friday, and we studied it throughout the week by reading. No videos, this time, as I didn’t have the opportunity to find any on YouTube or elsewhere (we’re *still* working on our rental, nearly 4 hours away, every weekend, and it’s been taking up a lot of our energy).

We used the pre-done set from (love those guys), picking what I thought was most appropriate for my daughter and leaving the rest. 

I also found a Monarch butterfly from this website to print for the front of the lapbook. My daughter enjoyed coloring it to look like “the real thing.”


Butterflies, by Debbie and Brendan Gallagher (simple text my daughter could read, herself – although for now, we save all of our lapbook-themed books for read-alouds throughout the week)
Butterflies, by Julie Murray (even simpler – my 3-year-old appreciated some of the information in this one. Nice, large pictures, too.)
Classifying Insects, by Andrew Solway (just the 2 pages on butterflies and moths)
An Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly, by Laurence Pringle (this one was my favorite — my daughter sees Monarchs now and then and we were fascinated by this in-depth look at their life cycle and migration)
The Prince of Butterflies, by Bruce Coville (a little strange, but what has he written that isn’t?!) It’s a pretty picture book, if nothing else. My kids really liked it, I just thought it was weird.)

And a great jumping-off point to beginning discussions about the Holocaust (I have a fascination – almost to the point of obsession – with the Holocaust but my kids are still too young to comprehend it): The Butterfly by Patricia Polacco tells the story of a family in France who harbored a Jewish family in their cellar and kept them safe from the Nazis.

We’ve been talking about raising caterpillars next year. What a fun addition that would be to a butterfly unit study!DSC_0281 DSC_0284 DSC_0285


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