Lapbook Friday – Building a House

 This lapbook took two Fridays to complete, for a few reasons: 1) We used the blank templates from and filled it in with our own information (tough when you consider my oldest is only 5), 2) We are between tenants and need to fix up our rental property (which is more than 3 hours away from where we currently live) before we can get new renters in there (for the record, if a landlord says no dogs, if you’re going to ignore that, AT LEAST CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DANG DOGS. We have their security deposit, but still. We’re replacing like all the flooring in a 2100-square-foot house. Insane). And 3) We just got lazy. I won’t lie. We did. We’ve done a lot playing, lately, and just enjoying the time at home before the craziness of the school year begins. Sure, none of us will be going to “school,” but we’ve got a lot coming up. My 3-year-old is going to a local preschool a neighbor of mine runs out of her home for a few hours a week. The 5-year-old is starting ballet next week, and gymnastics soon, too. We’ll all be going to an ASL class in a couple of weeks, and we’re starting back up at the local homeschool co-op, too. It is SO true, what they say about homeschooling: you don’t have to worry about being “stuck at home.” If anything, you have to learn to turn down outside activities. My husband’s convinced we’ve yet to learn that. But it’s early yet in our homeschooling journey, and the kids are still young, so darn right, we’re going to have some fun.

This time Jenna asked to do her lapbook on building; building a house, more specifically. She insisted on titling it just “Building,” but we focused mainly on the steps to building a house, the machines and materials used, and the types of workers found on the construction site. We prefaced the lapbook by a trip to the library and viewing some videos on YouTube, as well as visiting a few websites. Here are some of our favorites.

How Stuff Works – House Construction (this goes into greater depth than we needed but the steps on page 2 were useful)
Building Apps for Kids (we ended up downloading Hoopa City with some of my Amazon points. My kids love the Dr. Panda games.)

Building our House, by Jonathan Bean (a wonderful picture book for young children on building a house. My kids really, really liked this one, and I did, too.)





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