Bubble Wrap Painting

While looking for books for this week’s topic of study, my son found an awesome book on kids’ painting projects called Look and Make Painting. I got it on a whim (I recommend you always pre-screen your children’s library book choices before checking them out and bringing them home, but my kids were on a roll, this Monday, and between breaking up a rousing game of tag and finding my 3-year-old’s stuffed doggie wedged behind some books after 15 minutes of frantic searching, I was d-o-n-e with the library), and was pleasantly surprised by the projects listed in its pages. The first one we decided to try was what they called the “spotty dotty turtle.” We had all the necessary supplies: paper, tempera paint, brushes, and bubble wrap.

The book says to dampen a sheet of paper and then put “big splodges” of paint on it, and then to press the bubble wrap into the paper to get the paint onto it, but that didn’t work very well for us. I highly recommend just painting directly onto the bubble wrap, preferably with a sponge brush. Then press the wrap firmly onto a clean sheet of paper. We used white because we’re boring.

The results were pretty cool. Both my 3- and 5-year-olds were amazed as they peeled the bubble wrap off the paper. My daughter was so impressed by her pink/blue/purple one that she insisted on hanging it in her room, and so no turtles were to be made from it.

bubblewrappaint1 bubblewrappaint2 bubblewrappaint3

We traced a cereal bowl for the large turtle shell, and a cup for the smaller ones, then I freehanded some turtle heads, limbs, and tails. We cut them out and pasted them onto the back of the shell. Jenna said they looked like a mommy and babies. I think we’ll eventually have to do a unit study on turtles, so she can learn about how lonely baby turtles really are.

It was a difficult Monday, to say the least, but a fun craft like this sure brightened up the afternoon. 


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