Lapbook Friday – Dinosaurs and Animal Classification

Last week I asked my five-year-old what lapbook she wanted to do for our next Lapbook Friday. She excitedly said, “Animals!” “What animal?” I asked. “Just animals,” she answered, “all of them.” So I did my best to cater to that. We used another wonderful set of pre-made lapbook materials from, picking what we liked and leaving the rest (like we’ve been doing with most aspects of homeschooling, thus far). We used some supplemental materials, listed below, to help round out the study. I think next week we’ll spread it out over all the days so it’s not quite so intensive. Jen was exhausted at the end, but very proud of her finished product.


Fascinating Science Projects: Animal Life, by Sally Hewitt (we’ll be coming back to this one in the coming weeks; the projects are short, easy to duplicate, and hold a young child’s attention very well)
The Usborne Internet-Linked First Encyclopedia of Animals, by Paul Dowswell (we didn’t bother with the internet links, just looked through the book and learned some characteristics of different animal groups)


For my 3-year-old, we did a dinosaur-themed book, which I knew he’d like. We used some of this set from, but not much, because we are not a creationist family, and much of it tied in the dinosaurs with creationism. We just used the memory game included in the PDF, coloring and pasting some of the pictures into the file folder, and then making matching cards and a pocket for them. The result is a fun little match game that’ll let him learn some of his favorite dinosaurs and their names and features. It was just enough for him, today. He was too jittery to sit still for much else, and he now has a fun book to show his dad, this evening.  

dinosaur1 dinosaur2


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