Lapbook Friday – All About Me

We do “school” four days a week, and on Friday we do lapbooks. If you’ve never heard of lapbooks, don’t be ashamed – up until a little while ago, i hadn’t either. They’re a really fun way for hands-on, visual learners to become familiar with an also reinforce topics they’re studying. Lapbooks can be about anything, and can be formatted in any way, but typically, they are made from poster board or file folders and are large enough to fit on a child’s lap (go figure, huh?). From there, they’re filled with interactive informational goodies: flaps to lift, things to flip through or turn or pull out, pockets and pictures. The kids have ownership over the creation of these books, they can make them as simple or complex as they want, and they control the information that goes inside, as well as the design. I’ve never been into scrapbooking but this, *this* has real value.

To kick off our very first Lapbook Friday, we decided on an All About Me theme. We used the fantastic free lapbook template from Homeschool Share (I’m hoping to create new, unique ones as time goes on and my children get older and can contribute more to the process and acquiring the information) for both. Obviously my five-year-old’s was going to have more elements, as she can write and has a longer attention span than the three-year-old. But they both got something out of it, and we all had a great time. It was relaxing, it was fun, and it’s something they’re proud of and can show off. My son is enjoying looking through what he calls his “All About Simon” book.

A little more information about their construction: we took a posterboard from the Dollar Tree and cut it in half. I folded the ends toward the center, for my 3-year-old’s book, and accordion folded it for my 5-year-old’s book (which, she was happy to discover, gave her “two books in one”). 

allaboutme1 allaboutme2 allaboutme3 allaboutme4 allaboutme5 allaboutme6


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